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Know your inner adventure self with Adventure Map Know your inner adventure self with Adventure Map
Travelling is a very good way for you to enjoy your life. Even if it’s not all the time that you can go out... Know your inner adventure self with Adventure Map

Travelling is a very good way for you to enjoy your life. Even if it’s not all the time that you can go out of town and just experience what other countries could offer that your country can’t, at least you got a taste of it once in a while. Sometimes, it’s the only way for a very busy person to feel connected to the world again because others are so caught up with their work that they don’t realize that they are not living anymore, living as in experiencing new things that could make them happy and feel contented.

There are times when you just need something to inspire you and motivate you to work hard in order to get what you want. now, what does most people want? it’s not gadgets and high-end clothes, but to go on a vacation even for just a few days. Like visiting the museums in Paris or climbing mountains in Nepal. So what is the perfect gift that you can give for yourself while you’re still not able to do it? a map of course! But not just any ordinary map. An interactive map that will really get you going and push you to strive in order to get that well-deserved break. And Luckies definitely have the perfect gift for you.

The map where adventure is possible

The Adventure Map from Luckies is not just something that you will look at when you’re lost, but it’s something that will totally inspire you just by looking at it. you can hang it over your dining table so while you eat you will remember that you needed to go to China to walk through the Great Wall, or that you needed to go at the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Small reminders like these will definitely pop up your mind when catch a glimpse of the Adventure Map.

Keeping track of the many countries that you have visited

The Adventure Map is very interactive because once you’re back from your travels, you can just scratch it off. It also has a pocket sized travel guide that you can bring with you when you go. it has over 280 experiences that you can try when you’re in that specific country like for example stargazing over at Chile or go snorkeling at Venezuela. Once you have finished visiting that place, just scratch off the foil to see the beautiful color underneath it. for only £25.95, you already have all you need in one interactive map!

Best for thrill-seekers to try out!

The Adventure Map is perfect for those people that are willing to experience and eat everything that a country has. Because of the four categories (nature, cuisine, culture, and activity), you can easily pick what you can do in that country. It serves as a guide that you can complete especially if you’re the kind of person who’s willing to do everything to live your life to the fullest. You will get to cross out your bucket list in no time and you will realize how much of a big help the Adventure Map is.

Keep yourself inspired and motivated to travel the world with this very innovative and fun travel guide that will keep you travelling just to scratch off those foil to see where you have gone and travelled. Perfect for all kinds of people, even for those who seems to be so busy and could use a little push to travel.