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Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has welcomed 2,801 more contender to apply for Canadian Permanent Residence, in an Express Entry draw that occurred...

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has welcomed 2,801 more contender to apply for Canadian Permanent Residence, in an Express Entry draw that occurred on October 4. Applicants in the pool with at least 438 Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points were issued an Invitation Apply (ITA) on this event.

Invited applicants have 90 days to present a complete application, including supporting documentation. IRCC intends to process these applications within six months, a time span that has effectively been met in the greater part of cases.

With a specific end goal to enter the Express Entry pool and be allotted a CRS score, potential immigrants to Canada should be qualified under one of Canada’s federal economic immigration programs: the Federal Skilled Worker Class (FSWC), the Canadian Experience Class (CEC), or the Federal Skilled Trades Class (FSTC).

The October 4 draw, the 23rd to occur this year, comes as we enter the last quarter of 2017. So far this year, an aggregate of 72,221 ITAs have been issued, far outperforming the aggregate number issued over the initial two years of Express Entry, which was first presented in January, 2017. This number likewise dramatically increases the 25,982 ITAs issued over the initial 23 draws of 2016.

*Note: Draws of May 26 invited provincial nominees with a minimum CRS score of 775, and candidates in the Federal Skilled Trades Class with a minimum score of 199.

Despite the fact that the CRS cut-off limit went up marginally on this event, in respect to the past draw, which occurred on September 20, it might be noticed that the current threshold is still lower than the least threshold over the entire of 2016, when the threshold never plunged below 450. The most minimal ever threshold was on May 31 of this current year when applicants with at least 413 CRS points were welcomed apply.

Not long after that draw IRCC introduced changes to the system whereby applicants with a sibling in Canada could get 15 additional points. Candidates with French ability likewise benefit by those progressions, with 15 or 30 extra additional points. Following those progressions, the cut-off threshold went up to 449 on June 28.

IRCC is expected to declare its migration levels plan the coming year within the following couple of weeks, in which the division is relied upon to uncover the target number of immigrants to arrive under different immigration programs, including the projects oversaw under Express Entry. The Minister of Immigration, Ahmed Hussen, recently expressed that the present general focus of 300,000 new workers every year will frame the ‘baseline’ target over the coming years. Exactly what number of these newcomers will arrive through Express Entry stays to be seen. A higher focus for Express Entry programs would bring about either bigger or potentially more frequent draws, accordingly adding to a conceivable decline in CRS thresholds after some time.

Hypothetical situations

The following hypothetical scenarios reflect the diversity of candidates who receive ITAs under the Express Entry system.

Aisha, aged 29, has completed a bachelor’s degree in agriculture and has been working in the same field for the past three years. She has perfected her English language skills, and scored 8 in each of the IELTS categories. Though she has never been to Canada for work or study, she is looking forward to immigrating having received her invitation to apply due to her CRS score of 438.

Amir, 30, and his wife Amina, 33, are looking to move to Canada after having visited for the first time last year. Both have a bachelor’s degree from their home country, and the couple has also achieved advanced English scores on their respective IELTS tests. With Gustavo’s three years of work experience in the service industry, his CRS score of 438 means that the couple can look forward to building their lives in Canada having received an ITA.

Furqan, aged 35, completed his bachelor’s degree in Canada as an international student and fell in love with the country. Since returning home, he finished his Master’s degree and completed one year of work experience in the field of technology. After taking the IELTS test for a second time, his score reflected an initial advanced level of English, which increased his score to 441, resulting in an ITA.

Getting a desired invitation to apply for lasting living arrangement is both the finish of something and the start of something. It is the perfection of much perfection and planning, yet in addition to the start of your life in Canada, as you get to exhibit your full accreditation to IRCC and plan your trip vigorously. It denotes a minute when the Canadian Dream turns into somewhat more real.

In any case, the initial step is to have your qualification assessed and design a pathway that bodes well for you and your family, if pertinent.

Assessment of Eligibility:

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