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Most of you must have installed wall mounted split air conditioner in your room, which is one of the best ways to cool the...

Most of you must have installed wall mounted split air conditioner in your room, which is one of the best ways to cool the room without modifying your windows. All that you need to do is fix few screws on the wall to fix the indoor unit. However, in order to interconnect with the outdoor unit, you need to drill hole on the wall to pass through the cables to make interconnections between indoor and outdoor units.

Sometimes you may need to uninstall your split AC due to any of the following reasons:

  • Changing your residence
  • To shift the air conditioner in another new location
  • To replace the AC with any new model
  • For taking the AC unit for repair
  • To store it in safer place during winter months
  • Avoid build up of debris when not in use

Whatever may be the reason for your uninstallation, it is better to do it in absolute safe manner so that it can be reused again when you need it again. Be it any top brand like Hitachi, Voltas, Samsung or other following are the steps that you need to follow.

  1. Remove the power connection

Before you do anything with the air conditioner, you must disconnect the unit from the power line by switching off the power and then unplugging it from power line. In case it is connected through any AC stabilizer then remove its connection from the stabilizer after switching off the stabilizer power supply.

  1. Remove the indoor unit

Now unscrew the copper line through which both indoor and outdoor units are interconnected. Before doing that, you must arrange for a bucket or tray so that it can collect the spills that come out from refrigerator that may bleed from the system. Then unscrew the indoor unit from the wall and place it in some suitable place. In case, any wire or any other hardware attached with the air conditioner should be removed. Empty the entire refrigerant available in the unit.

  1.  Remove the outdoor unit

Now take suitable ladder to remove the outside unit. Usually, this unit is fixed at a higher level. Remove carefully all the pipes and cables that are going along with the unit. Remove the screws from the wall and also remove all the brackets if your purpose is to transfer the split AC in any other new location.

  1. Patch the holes

After removing both indoor as well as outdoor units there will be few holes left on the wall. In case you want to use another split AC in its place then you can leave it however if you are thinking about shifting the unit to new location then arrange to block these holes by either using cement or putty.

Whether you are installing Hitachi or any other make of split air conditioners above steps are common to all varieties of AC. However, depending upon the manufacturer of the air conditioner if you are using any other hardware then it should also be removed. It is always better to get it uninstalled with the help of a professional, who can carry out the whole thing in safest possible manner.