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5 Great tips for New Travel Vloggers 5 Great tips for New Travel Vloggers
Do you watch vlogs on you tuber? Are you a fan of some vloggers? Well, I am a very big fan of few of the... 5 Great tips for New Travel Vloggers

Do you watch vlogs on you tuber? Are you a fan of some vloggers? Well, I am a very big fan of few of the vloggers and the very first thing in the morning I do is watch the vlog of my favourite and most inspiring person – Gary Vaynerchuk. Though he is not a travel blogger still he is very inspiring, so if you are not following him, make sure you do.

Daily vlogging as compared to travel vlogging is quite different. Travel vlogging involves videos and review of the destination you visit, sharing tips and experiences with your audience and suggesting them new holiday destinations.

But since vlogging is quite different as compared to recording YouTube videos, we thought of providing some tips to the vloggers who are just starting with travel vlogging.

So, here are the best 5 tips for the aspiring travel bloggers:

  1. Get the Best Camera for Vlogging

Do not take your iPhone camera as a vlogging camera during you tips. I feel so amused watching people using iPhone cameras and Simple digital cameras to record vlogging videos. They do not understand that quality is everything.

Like Big players are already dominating the market and the only way to outlast them is to create a quality content, and a good content with poor picture quality is a waste of time. Make sure you buy a good camera, this guide will help you in choosing that.

  1. Be Original

Getting inspired is great but copying is a bad part. Copying the idea and creating the similar content is like giving another reason to the audience for not watching your content.

Do not worry if you are not perfect, no one was when they started, but they are now.

Try to show the real you instead of throwing the fake accent, that is the worst thing I have ever seen. Fake accents are very irritating and force viewers to shut down the video.

  1. Keep your videos Short

Do not upload a 1-hour vlog on YouTube and expect it to go viral like anything. From all the vlogs I have seen and made, 10 minutes is the best time for a vlog. Cut all the relevant part in the vlog and add only the pats that could be beneficial or entertaining to the viewers.

A 10-minute vlog of just walking in a crowded street is no entertaining to anybody, remember that

  1. Don’t do it for Money

It is really sad to see that people who do not have a passion for vlogging, but still get into it and make it hard for the people who actually have a passion.

I had the passion to get into technical stuff, explain how business works on the internet, how to use social media for business, so I am doing that.

Money and passion are two different things and you need to understand that.

  1. Identify your Niche

You must identify your niche before starting. Like if you are into adventurous places or places where there are peace places that cost less money.

However, if you are daily vlogger then you do not need to focus much on this.

These were our best tips for aspiring vloggers. We believe there are number of other tips but these are some of the most important ones