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Image Source When students hear the word summer, the first thing that comes to their mind is beach escapade. And more often than not,...

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When students hear the word summer, the first thing that comes to their mind is beach escapade. And more often than not, it is how they spend most of their vacation time. However, summer is not only for blue seas and sunbathing, but it is also a time for other fun activities and learning new hobbies.


From attending music festivals with your friends to learning how to do embroidery, these activities will indeed fill your summer time with unforgettable memories and new knowledge. And listed below are a few things to choose and accomplish during this summer.

Learn How to Cook

During summer, most of your time— if not in your friend’s or grandma’s house— will be spent on your parent’s house. Meaning, you can have more quality time with your family. To spend it wisely, ask your mom to give you basic lessons on how to cook. Or if you are a parent, set a mini- cooking class for your kids.  It’s not just a fun activity, but also a family and learning time.

Try to Learn a New Language

Whether you are a student or an already-working adult, learning a second language or another language is a significant summer activity that can add value to your experience. You can either learn a language from other countries or enhance the Spanish language you learned from school.

Plan a Night of Stargazing with Your Friends

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Summer nights are excellent for stargazing. To have some memorable moments with your group of friends or your family (if you prefer), plan an overnight sleep in your backyard, watch the stars twinkle, and figure out different constellations you will find. Additionally, you can make a bonfire too like it is camping, and spend the rest of the night sharing meaningful stories with your friends.

Visit another Country

Summer break is also a great time to travel and explore other country’s culture and beautiful places. During summer, it’s best to visit tropical countries like the Canary Islands, Hawaii, the Islands of Philippines, and other summer-perfect-weather nations in Asia, Europe, and America.

Read New Books

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After months of spending most of your time reading school books, perhaps it’s time to discover new and out-of-your-genre novels, fiction and non-fiction, and poetry books. It won’t just enhance your reading comprehension skill as well as your vocabulary skill, but it is also an excellent method to learn other people’s culture and ideas.

Create a Decorative Flower Pot

Time unleash your creative mind and skilful. If you are into painting and craft and arts, consider making a decorative flower pot to add to your parent’s garden. You can do this with your friends or your family; whichever you like. Or if you are a parent, it’s also an excellent time to connect with your kids while enjoying. Moreover, it is also a significant activity to invite your neighbour’s kids. The more, the merrier.


Summer vacation is not only for beaches. It is also an excellent way to try out new activities and hobbies. And more importantly, it is a perfect way to devote more quality time with your family and close friends without spending too much money.