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  To unwind, to meet new people, to rediscover yourself, to be cool, to pick up chicks/men, to drown your sorrows, to dance like...


To unwind, to meet new people, to rediscover yourself, to be cool, to pick up chicks/men, to drown your sorrows, to dance like there’s no tomorrow, there are a million reasons to step out into the night! Tourism Australia doesn’t really choose nightlife as one of its core promotions, but that’s what we’re here for. Cheap Australia flights make getting to any of the places easier than ever. Whether you’re the animated hyper dancer varieties or the reserved anti-social types, this is your ultimate after dark guide in the land down under.

These are the places that you’re most likely to visit on your Australia holiday:




Sydney has always been the uncontended “bling party king”. Your options are boundless. Just head on to King’s Cross for the late-night club scene, complete with Sydney’s best DJs and some of its most hard-partying citizens.


Darling Harbour


Darling Harbour combines more of the same with the shiny harbour side, which the most refined Sydney-siders throw up into after a big night. The Rocks has a chilled-out, outdoorsy pub atmosphere; and Newtown and Surry Hills offer the best hangouts for more indie alternative types.

The party scene in Sydney is however, undergoing a radical change of sorts. . From pounding cheap wine to Donna Summer’s ‘I Feel Love’ while knee-deep in water at an Eastern Suburbs nudist beach to experimenting with absinthe and psychedelic music at the Wormwood parties in a secret inner west warehouse space, partygoers are partying everywhere, it seems, but in actual clubs. Out-of-club parties are the norm these days. Maybe it’s the underground secrecy factor, maybe it’s not burning a hole in your wallet or maybe it’s simply not subscribing to someone else’s idea of cool; It seems off-the-grid clubbing is a trend that’s here to stay. Anywhere’s a dance floor waiting to happen.




Melbourne is the more chilled out cool type, the opposite of in your face wannabe glitz. Melbourne prides itself on having a more unpretentious, grassroots partyscene – you’ll find more lounge bars, live music and sofas. There are classier dress codes bordering on the bohemian.  You will come across a selection of “best-kept-secret” bars which you’ll have to navigate side-streets and laneways to find. And you’ll only find them if you really want to.

Start by picking up a clubbing guide from a music store, bookshop or bar. St Kilda is the most well-known party spot, whether you want to relax or rock out, while Fitzroy has the most pubs of any suburb in Melbourne. You should also check out Chapel St, Prahran. It’s a Melbourne mainstay, boasting fashion and food as well as nightlife.




Welcome to the drinking capital of Australia! Particularly beer, Darwin boasts an average annual beer consumption of 230 litres per person. They blame the hot weather, perhaps legitimately, but hey, we say when in Darwin… (Do as the Darwinists do)! All your drinking and entertainment needs are catered for here, whether you want to drink, dance or play the night away you’ll find a place to suit you. pubs, nightclubs, bars, Irish pubs, themed establishments, wine bars, beer gardens, live music, bands, DJ’s, pool tables, poker machines, TAB and keno.


Mitchell Street


Mitchell Street is Darwin’s main nightlife precinct but there are also other spots in the CBD. It is home to the most pubs and clubs, with live bands, DJs and plenty of drink deals to entice you in until the early hours of the morning. Can’t pick a place? Drink while you think!




Nestled in the Sunshine State, Brisbane will continue to charm you way after dark. The much-publicised lockouts make it difficult to club-hop in the wee hours of the morning, so it’s best to pick your destination and settle in. Brisbane’s night-life options in particular run the spectrum from custom-built super-clubs to small bars with niche soundtracks, and the locals like to party hard. The dress codes are fairly straight forward as long as it looks tidy and not like you’ve just come from the beach.


Fortitude Valley


Or “The Valley” – has the most to offer, from chilled wine bars (for those who prefer posh partying) to lively clubs that go off on the weekends. The West End encapsulates Brisbane’s move towards more stylish entertainment, so if you want to party in vogue, this is the place for you. Kangaroo Point, though quieter on the whole, has a couple of great places hidden away from the city bustle, with fantastic water views to boot.


Being the farthest-flung city in the world has its advantages. Perth is exalted for its firing music scene, perhaps the best live music in OZ (?), having fostered a long list of successful exports and a fiercely devoted drum & bass following. The west excels in the club department, from the world-renowned Ambar to the more intimate haunts pushing the underground strains of dance music.

The CBD is great for a drink after business hours on a weekday, but on weekends the party definitely goes off elsewhere. Northbridge is the must-see scene, with some of Perth’s top nightclubs and bars. Mt Lawley is close behind, and Subiaco has fewer venues but is a bit more fashion-conscious. There’s some fantastic live music to be found in Perth, particularly in Northbridge and down in fantastic Fremantle.

The ‘Sunday Session’ is a Perth tradition, the perfect excuse to finish the weekend with your friends and a few drinks at a local pub. The sessions start in the early afternoon and usually end around 9pm.

The legal age for drinking alcohol in Australia is 18. Don’t forget your ID!!