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If we are about to talk about a first-class diving destination, then we must mention The Brothers Islands among not only Egypt Liveaboards diving...

If we are about to talk about a first-class diving destination, then we must mention The Brothers Islands among not only Egypt Liveaboards diving destinations, but worldwide. The Brothers Islands are famous for their unrivaled scene of impressive and beautiful corals as well as for being among one of the best places to dive with sharks in Egypt.

These Irrigated Islands possess a resplendent reef life that features a large number of colorful reef fishes such as giant trevallies, tunas, Barracudas as well as the fantastic Manta Ray!

In these islands, one can easily see Hammerhead Sharks, Silvertip Sharks, Gray Reef Sharks and Whitetip Oceanic Shark instruction. Although one may be lucky to come across the special Thresher Shark, it is still quite rare. The Brothers islands offer one of, if not the best fish experiences one can ever come across when diving in the Brothers Island in the Red Sea. It features stunning vertical walls that are shielded by corals and astounding fish population which makes diving on the island a memorable experience.

Diving Highlights and top dive sites

Few Liveaboard diving places in Egypt can match the glamor of the Brothers Islands, Red Sea. In fact, it is often regarded as the first choice diving destination for divers when diving sites are being considered. As a result of its warmest seas, little wave action, and unbeatable visibility, the Brothers island is quite a paradise for divers.

Diving in the Brothers Island offers the opportunity to witness the two brothers (little and big brother islands) and the two wrecks (Aida and Numidia).

While the Little Brother Island is renowned for its amazing walls that are covered by soft coral, the Big Brother Island is a perfect spot to come across Oceanic Whitetip Shark and other Shark species such as Grey Silvertip, Hammerhead, etc. In all, there are close to 20 dive sites around the Brothers.

As for the wrecks, Aida is a sunk 75m long Italian ship that was transporting troops in 1957 while Numidia is a former British Cargo that sunk while sailing to India in 1901. Aida is 45m deep, and its shallow part is an estimated 15m. Numidia is around 80m deep and its top is 8m.

Diving season and features

The Brothers are divers-friendly because diving in this water is possible throughout the year. Nevertheless, sea conditions may be tough and unconducive given that the island is on the high sea.

June to August remains the warmest time of the year when the water is usually calm. Whoever wishes to encounter Sharks in high quantity should endeavor to visit the island during Spring or Autumn with peaks in May and October as the fantastic creature’s population seems to increase. And winter months (November to March) are usually considered as a low season as the sea conditions are typically more tough.

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Courtesy of Divebooker “Diving at Brother Islands, Red Sea